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Dual Cascade -111C Cooling Unit

A 5 compressors cooling speed demon….VR-Zone will show you the performance of the Dual Cascade.

During the past recent months, a phase-change cascade fever started among the
extreme overclocking community. It sort of started with Fugger of Xtremesystems
showing a -100C cooling system that utilizes 2 stages of vapour phase change to
cool his CPU. Everyone including me was deeply impressed with it but I thought
it would be impossible for anyone like me to build since I had zero HVAC
engineering background. Then Macci, one of the best overclockers in the world
started and finished a dual cascade cooling system that utilizes 4 compressors
with 2 for CPU and 2 for GPU. The more I looked at the pictures of his system,
the more I was tempted to build my own. So I read up a bit more and came across
the website
by Dabit which held a lot of good
information on cascade-cooling through his experience. Finally I broke down and
set my mind on coming up with my own home-built dual cascade.

The number one problem was the cost involved as I have absolutely no
refrigeration tools and these cost a lot. My previous stints with phase-change
required me to carry condensing units to A/C shops for charging and brazing and
this is not going work if I was going to build a cascade system. Luckily, 2 of
my good friends of the VR-Zone team Visionary and Ristar pooled resources
together so with contributions from 3 people, it should be enough to solve the
cost issue. So we went shopping for a lot of stuff. In the end, I decided to use
a small spare compressor I have to do the vacuum pump job to save some money.

I went through a lot of experimenting and mistakes throughout the 3 months I
took to build the dual cascades. As I have to juggle this between work, progress
was quite slow only having 1 to 2 hours a day to work on it and the fact that
the supply shop is already closed by the time I finish work so getting supplies
was really difficult. I received a lot of help from the experienced people like
pc ice, berkut, aenigma, Gary Loyd, Dabit, Bowman and Chilly1 from the
forums in troubleshooting and fine-tuning. As pictures do a great job of
illustration, I’ll let them do most of the talking.

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