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Dry ice cooling Guide and Adventure

Dry ice is fun, cheap and very cold!

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Dry ice cooling guide and experience

Dry ice coolling refers to cooling the processor with the cold temperature
of dry ice. It hovers around -79C until it sublimes. The great thing about dry
ice is that it directly changes into gaseous form from its solid form, leaving
no residue or liquid behind. The main draw back of dry ice cooling is its non-permanence,
it is only a very short term solution that is used for benchmarking, since you
will have to keep topping up the dry ice as it evaporates. It is still fun to
play with nonetheless, offers very good performance, and is cheap. This is the
poor man’s Prometeia.

You need to lie the motherboard down on its back when dry ice cooling because
you will need a large container over the processor and this container must be
upright. So one of the main component when dry ice cooling is the dry ice container.
This is how I made mine- I brazed a copper pipe onto a copper base plate of
6mm thickness. I would suggest a thickness of at least 6mm.

It is also safer to get a tall copper pipe, maybe 200mm or more. This will
hold more dry ice so you do not need to top up as frequent.

As you can see, there are 4 holes for the socket A drilled into the base. This
is for holding it down.

Of course, I had to insulate at least the pipe. I used neoprene insulation.

The containers actually play a very big role in the cooling. I found out later
that my container wasn’t very good due to the lack of ample surface contact
area. This is because I had a pipe that is small in diameter and a flat base.
It works well for flash overclocks, but not as great when benchmarking when
it couldn’t cool as fast.

So I got about 7Kg of dry ice from a nearby shop. It is a Magnolia ice-cream
shop at Joo Chiat Place. Bus number 33 goes there.

Map not present due to copyright issue

I bought 7Kg for $ 18. You will also need ethanol. This is to create a sufficient
contact area between the ice and the container base. Think of it as thermal
paste. 1L of ethanol will last you a long while because you will only need a
little bit for one run. You can buy ethanol from Far East Distillery loacted
at Chin Bee Road. You can take bus 79 from Boon Lay Interchange. Call them at
62615656 before going.

Map not present due to copyright issue

Wear gloves when you are handling the dry ice to prevent frost bite.

I chiselled a part of the block into small little pieces. It is not advisable
to chisel up the whole block or all of your dry ice at 1 go until you start
to run out as they sublime much faster when chopped up.

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