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Drunk driver posts “LOL” on Facebook after wrecking someone’s car

For every dumb decision a person makes, there is a very high possibility that there will be some sort of negative consequences.

A drunk driver from Woodford County, Kentucky recently posted something on Facebook shortly after that not only pissed off the victim, but also the judge overseeing her DUI case.

After running into the side of another person’s car while intoxicated, Paula Asher posted the following message onto her Facebook:

“My dumb*** got a DUI and hit a car LOL.”

LOL, as I’m sure many of you are already familiar with, is the acronym for laugh out loud.  Getting caught for smashing into another car while drunk and admitting that you were dumb for doing so is just fine, but the added “LOL” possibly gave the victim as well the judge the implication that you didn't take the situation very seriously.

Asher was ordered to shut down her Facebook page, but she didn't comply, so the judge gave her a two day jail sentence for contempt.

DUI accidents cause thousands of deaths every year, and that’s something every individual with a license to drive should take seriously.  Asher was probably still under the influence when she posted the comment, and she did apologize to the victim and the judge for downplaying the whole DUI situation with the LOL.

Take away message?  Avoid drunk driving, and if you’re caught doing so, definitely don’t post anything on Facebook that will get you into even more trouble.

Source: wave3 via mashable

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