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Drink responsibly, brewery uses edible 6-pack rings to save the birds

There’s scientific evidence that one alcoholic beverage per day can improve your overall health. This is great for bottle poppers, whiskey rockers, and beer-guzzlers out there, but there’s always a yin to the yang. The amount of waste that goes into bottling and packaging various beverages (alcoholic or not) is immense. So what’s a canned or bottled beverage lover to do? Give it all up and live a life of unwavering can-popping chastity? Of course not! We must make the waste we produce edible.

A Florida-based beer maker, Saltwater Brewery, is taking on this task of facilitating the mutual bond beer-bellied humans need to have with all living things on this planet. Their (partial) solution to the problem is packing beer cans with edible six-pack rings.


Chances are you’ve caught of glimpses of fish, birds, and just about every kind of animals out there getting caught in our trash—especially the six-ring variants. So instead of relying on cheap plastic, Saltwater Brewery is suggesting that the beer industry adopt rings that are 100 percent compostable and biodegradable.

The brewery released a video demonstrating the sustainability benefits of the new rings, but new technology (no matter how simple it may seem) isn’t cheap. While we don’t know how much more it’ll cost breweries to use biodegradable rings, we do know profit trumps environmentalism.

Still, if you’re a fish-loving beer enthusiast, Saltwater Breweries may have just won over your palate with their novel packaging idea.

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