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Dragontrail vs Gorilla: who is the tougher glass?

If you have not heard about the tough Gorilla Glass manufactured by Corning, it is an unscratchable, unshatterable glass that is used as a protective window for your gadgets. Now, Japan-based Asahi Glass has a new super tough glass called Dragontrail that is aiming to steal some of Corning’s market. More details inside.

Asahi Glass is Japan’s biggest glassmaker and one of the largest producers of flat glass in the world. It has come up with its own version of toughened glass called Dragontrail which will not only be used for smartphones, but also for tablet PCs and TVs. Although there is no mentioned timetable for production, the company hopes to receive US$360 million in revenue from the glass by 2012.

The company claims that the glass is six times stronger than conventional soda-lime glass and has a beautiful pristine finish. Dragontrail also claims to be highly resistant to scratches and free of arsenic, lead and antimon. 

We can now sleep peacefully knowing our future phone’s screen will be indestructible.

Source: PC Magazine

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