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Doodle Jump leaps onto Xbox LIVE Arcade with Kinect functionality


Lima Sky’s immensely popular and addictive mobile game Doodle Jump will be making its debut onto Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, and will retain its interactivity through the system’s Kinect sensor.

The new Doodle Jump Kinect title will require the Kinect in order to play, and will feature the same charming gameplay elements that have enamored millions worldwide.

Using the Kinect sensor, gamers will be able to interact with the game and control the Doodler in his dangerous ascent to victory, shooting down villainous baddies along the way. Doodle Jump Kinect is in development by Smoking Gun Interactive, who is working closely with Lima Sky to bring a new experience to the simple-yet-fun platformer, and will allow console gamers to experience the fan-favorite for the first time.

Doodle Jump4

In the game players will be able to control the Doodler by moving left and right, and blast enemies by utilizing arm gestures. Gamers will also be able to fly by flapping their arms, and make use of a variety of other movements to interact with the game, providing a great and silly way to enjoy one of your favorite games.

Along with Kinect integration, the console port will feature content exclusive to the Xbox 360 version that includes three new worlds, difficult bosses, a slew of challenging achievements and a few power-ups to empower the Doodler on his adventure.

Doodle Jump is slated for a release on June 28, 2013 via Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade Marketplace for 400 MSP ($4.99). For more information please visit the game’s official Facebook page or follow it on Twitter.

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