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Dom Del Torto’s laptop is in Iran (updated)

A British animator has created a tumblr for his stolen laptop, which has found its way to Iran and is now sending him secret photos of its new life.

Dom Del Torto is an animator from the UK and he was pretty disappointed when, in February, someone broke into his London apartment and stole his MacBook Pro and iPad. Alas, the iPad is still nowhere to be found, but his laptop has reached out to its owner. Del Torto installed ”Hidden App” on his computer, a clever program that lets the user both see who has the laptop and where it is.

As it turns out, Del Torto's MacBook Pro is in Iran, some 3000 miles away from home. There's little he can do to recover it, since Iran is out of the police's jurisdiction, but at least he can have some fun with it. He has created a tumblr called ”Dom's laptop is in Iran” to document the adventure of his little lost buddy.


The MacBook is in Tehran


Chances are, the girls in these photos aren't actually the culprits who stole the laptop; they might have bought it second hand or been given it as a gift. Regardless, these women do seem to be the new owners, and the laptop could have done a lot worse. Hopefully it'll be happy with them.


Chances are, if I had the laptop, there'd be some embarrassing photos of me by now


The tumblr has been closed to the public and now features password protection, but for the moment, it's available via Google's cache. As for Hidden App; there is also a multi platform equivalent called Prey. It might be worth checking out.


The laptop is also showing what the user is doing; this time, looking through old photos


UPDATE: The story has a somewhat happy ending. The new owners of the laptop contacted Dom Del Torto, quite upset about finding out that their laptop was stolen, Del Torto issued the following statement:

The innocent new owners of my laptop have been in touch and are mortified about the story and are keen to return the laptop.

Given the huge error of judgement on my part in sharing the story and failing to respect their privacy I have asked them to keep it by means of an apology.

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