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Does AMD have a 5GHz chip in the works?

Rumour has it that AMD has a 5GHz chip in the works based on its 'Piledriver-Vishera' architecture. Will this edge be enough to help turn the company around?

AMD has had it tough for the last two years, the chipmaker fought a long and hard battle against Intel on the desktop/server side while taking on the proliferation of ARM-based devices on the mobile side, ceding market share to both.

Of course AMD’s great decline has been through a series of its own failures: the company lacks an effective mobile strategy, it trails behind Nvidia on GPU-(marketing), and its saving grace FX-series of processors have been effectively left in the ash heap of CPU history. All the while, slumping earnings and shareholder pressure means the company has to lay off its best talent – trimming its VP suite and ranks of talented engineers.

If a rumour first published by HEXUS holds true, there might be a ray of hope for a company that has been continually hammered by bad press. HEXUS claims that AMD is working on a 5GHz chip based on the 'Vishera' architecture, which powers the FX-8350.

HEXUS doesn’t have many more details, except that the chip has a working codename of ‘Centurion’, it will likely be released in small quantities at $795 per unit, and a release date is up in the air. AMD will not comment, which is to be expected.

While a 5GHz chip would give AMD an edge in the gaming and prosumer market, the $795 price tag is certain to deter most potential customers. If this chip is a hit, and posts impressive benchmarks, the price should come down as yields improve. If this chip is not a hit, it will disappear – into the ash heap of history with its FX-brethren – as quickly as it appeared and be written off in next quarter’s SEC report as another thing the company did wrong.

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