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Do your research with Bing

Google may reign supreme in the online services and internet search engine space, but you can bet that Microsoft will not be contented with its distant third place in the competition. And if you have been sharp enough, you would have realized that something new had been recently added to Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.

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It is quite understandable that Bing does not enjoy much love in the search engine wars, especially if one has been burnt by Microsoft’s previous attempt at providing a less-than-decent alternative known as Microsoft Live Search. Which, in all honesty, felt more dead than ‘live’ right from the get-go.

However, Microsoft had since gotten its act together, and Bing has proven itself to be a much superior search solution than original excuse that was Live Search, even managing to gain points at Yahoo’s expense, which is currently the world’s second most popular search engine. And it seems that Microsoft is set to make Bing even more relevant than before, because if you have been using Microsoft’s search engine on a regular basis, you might have realized that a new ‘Wikipedia’ tab sits right above your search results.

Ok, so there’s a Wikipedia tab there. But what does it do? You may ask.

Well, it pretty much saves you the hassle of having to go directly to the Wikipedia website for information, because Bing has apparently managed to integrate entire Wikipedia articles into its search engine, as shown in the screenshot below:

Of course, we at VR-Zone are not asking you to make use of Wikipedia as an academic source for your research papers, but even we have to acknowledge that it does serve as a useful stepping stone to discovering more acredited sources, thanks to the ‘References’ section tucked away at the bottom of the article.

And now that Bing has the ability to integrate Wikipedia entries into its search results, doing online research for that pesky thesis suddenly became a little easier to manage.

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