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Disney Game Console, A Whole New World


The Walt Disney Company is underway with a video game console, according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Disney filed an application for a patent many moons ago, in June 2011 to be precise, but recently the Trademark Office logged it, and with extra attention. The patent suggests a gaming console featuring 3D augmented reality with a handheld device. Some of the words used in the patent application are eerily similar, in a good way, to the description of the Toy Box. The Toy Box was an endeavor that Disney only briefly mentioned. "Its gameplay involves various Disney and Pixar characters interacting with each other." Nothing more was said at the time. In fact, this was before it was officially announced, and it still has yet to be, which is why this patent application is likely to be the Toy Box.

The device would allow the user to take a picture of something and animate it with Disney and Pixar characters. The Toy Box also described an "extensive mobile and online applications." This device, whether it's the Toy Box or not – and let's face it, it probably is – is going to be very intriguing. Sure, maybe Disney games don't appeal to everyone, but the device doesn't end there.

Apple could be thrown into the crockpot of this whole idea. Apple and Pixar have ties, and you should know why. They have tried to expand their gaming, so this may be Apple's foot in the door. Either way, Disney rarely disappoints, so this device will be something to pay attention to when it comes out.

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