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Discover More Music With Twitter And Ping


Ping, the social network for music from Apple iTunes, has partnered with Twitter to let users share their songs and discoveries with their friends, and even preview songs from iTunes within Twitter.

If you are on Twitter and enjoys music, well, you can now share the songs you bought or came across with your friends more easily, especially with music previews and links to purchase the songs.

Apple’s iTunes social music site, Ping, has collaborated with Twitter to make it easier for users on social network to discover more music. If you are already on Ping, just link to your Twitter account to find Ping users among the people you already follow on Twitter. Once it’s linked, when you purchase a song or do a post or review, the post will be tweeted to your followers. The post will also contain the playable song previews and links to purchase and download music from iTunes store.

Twitter has also included a few recommendations for you to follow like @Amazonmp3 whereby there are tweets on daily deals on digital downloads, and @AllSongs, @Stereogum and @Pitchforkmedia if you want to follow news about new bands.

Source: Twitter Blog

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