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DirectX 12 to be unveiled at GDC 2014

Microsoft is set to unveil a new version of DirectX five years after the launch of DirectX 11.


Microsoft is set to launch its next major version of DirectX at the Game Developers Conference 2014 on March 20.

Anuj Gosalia, development manager for graphics at Microsoft, will be detailing the new version in a session titled, “DirectX: Evolving Microsoft’s Graphics Platform.” Details of this event were available beforehand, but it was assumed that it would be to focus on low-level Mantle-like integration that Microsoft is said to bring to DirectX.

It is clear that the manufacturer will launch several low-level interfaces for Direct3D as it has a session titled “Direct3D Futures” that will be conducted by Windows Graphics development lead Max McMullen. In the session, McMullen will reveal “how future changes to Direct3D will enable next generation games to run faster than ever before.” Low-level hardware access to a broad range of hardware is also on the cards. “In this session we will discuss future improvements in Direct3D that will allow developers an unprecedented level of hardware control and reduced CPU rendering overhead across a broad ecosystem of hardware.” Whether any other components get an update remains to be seen.

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The DirectX 12 teaser site reveals AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm logos. The inclusion of Qualcomm is interesting in that it doesn’t offer hardware for the traditional x86 environment, but is a major contributor in the ARM segment. Microsoft is all about “mobile-first, cloud-first” these days, so it is likely that DirectX 12 will feature mobile device-related enhancements.

Source: MSDN

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