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DigiLife All-in-One DDV-C330 Camcorder

As we lift the lid up, we finally see the camera itself:

The Accessories

The box itself is divided into 2 segments. The top layer
holds the camera while the lower layer contains all the accessories that come
with the camera. I have to say DigiLife really packed a bunch of goodies inside.
A black pouch, audio video cable, USB 2.0 cable, manual & application
CD, earphones, lanyard and a remote controller. What did I just mention a
remote controller??

Our choice of weapon for today: the DDV-C330

The left side of the videocam is where the 2.4” TFT
LCD is located.

We flip open the LCD screen, a common design implementation
employed by DigiLife here.

Beside the serial number you see above is where the SD card
slot is located.

A shot from the back of the camera:

The top part consist of the Directional buttons
and the centre of it is actually the Enter button. Just located slightly
below the Directional buttons is where the Picture Shutter Button
(on the left side, pressing it will activate picture-taking) and the Movie
r Button (on the right side, to activate video recording/preview
mode) is located. The Tele-Wide button is well placed in the middle
for easy access while taking pictures as it is easy to reach. From top to
bottom, the REC/PLAY button followed by the Audio Video In
and USB 2.0 Port.

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