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DFI LAN Party NF590 SLI Intel Early Sample Test

Ah yes, the Orange and yellow DIMM slots, still carrying on
the tradition on this board. Of course, smack in the center of this motherboard
is the NF590 SLI Intel Edition Northbridge chipset. A fanless Aluminum heatsink
cools the chipset but it will be preferable for DFI to put on a silent fan for
retail units as this chipset runs hot. Comparing the NForce 590 SLI Reference
board and this, I find the same chipset here to run cooler from feeling the
heatsink. Nothing really scientific though, it could be just me. In any case,
the NForce Intel SLI chipsets have got to be the hottest motherboard chipsets
around, probably the hottest running I’ve ever tested.

The 24 pin ATX connector masked in black is placed on the right
corner. Reliable MOSFET heatsinks soldered from behind are spaced about.

One of the most interesting aspect of this board is the digital
PWM which does away with the need for large sized capacitors lined up right
beside the CPU socket, freeing up a huge amount of space taking on SMD capacitors
instead. This is definitely more convenient for mounting CPU coolers of various
sizes but as for how the digital PWM compares to the traditional Analog ones
in terms of power managment- This is a little too early to tell.

The long rectangular heatsink on the FETs gets warm but nothing
really scorching at all.

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