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DFI LAN Party CFX3200 DR Review + BIOS Guide

There are 2 outstanding features that are not present on previous
DFI Motherboards. The LANParty UT CFX3200-DR is the first DFI motherboard featuring
dual GbE LAN with teaming. Simply put, the network adapter teaming on the board
improves network uptime and reliability by protecting the network in the event
of a network failure. This protection prevents users from losing connectivity.
This network adapter teaming also offers better network throughput by distributing
traffic efficiently across these ports. From DFI’s website, a team consists
of two ports that function as though they were a single NIC. This virtual NIC
appears to the system as a single physical address and a single IP address.
Should one NIC in this team fail, the remaining NICs assume the failed NIC’s
traffic, providing resiliency. This fault tolerance is provided by all the configurations
of teams available. When teamed, each NIC can also share the network traffic
load, increasing the network throughput. Each type of team provides varying
levels of traffic management, (called load balancing), and all teams provide
fault tolerance.

The other new feature to the DFI CFX3200 is the LED Diagnostic
Code Dsiplay at the bottom left of the motherboard. On the previous LAN Party
boards, the Diagnostic LEDs are less comprehensive, consisting of all 3 red
LEDs and can only convey a few general error messages. With the new Diagnostic
LED Codes, more comprehensive error messages can be conveyed to the user so
that users have a much easier time during trouble-shooting.

With DFI’s Diagnostic LED Codes, troubleshooting is a lot

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