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Devoted fan creates Fallout-themed Monopoly game

There are literally hundreds of variants of Monopoly on the market today, but one devoted fan has created their very own Fallout-themed version of the classic board game that's complete with bottle cap currency, recognizable miniatures, and iconic landmarks from the series as properties.

Just about everyone has played Monopoly sometime or another in their life: the iconic board game created by Parker Brothers back in 1935 has been enjoyed for decades by millions of people around the world. With time, more themed version of Monopoly sprouted up, and soon it caught fire until there was a Monopoly version of just about everything.

The attention to detail in this fan-made game is impeccable, and would be a great treat for any fan of the franchise.

One devoted fan has taken the time to meld his love of gaming with the board game and create his very own Fallout-themed version of Monopoly.

The creator, a Reddit user with the handle XsimonbelmontX, reveals that the project took over eight months all in all and that Fallout Monopoly was created as a present for his wife's birthday.

The array of properties along with the distinct bottle-cap currency and rolling die can be seen above.

His wife, who is a huge fan of the series of games, also worked with her husband to change up the rules of the game and introduce Fallout staples like perks and levels into the mix. The whole game represents the signature Fallout flair, with incredible detail in every bottle cap, property card, and the board itself–and nothing says "I love you" better than a good old-fashioned hand-crafted present.

Some of the miniatures include a Nuka-Cola vending machine, Abraxo cleaner, a Pip-Boy, and even a Vault Tec lunchbox.

The idea of creating limited edition Monopoly sets based on gaming franchises is quite a good idea, and maybe we'll see more of these in the near future. Until now, XsimonbelmontX and his wife will have the world's first Fallout Monopoly set to play with their friends. One can only guess what changes they've made to the rules and how the perks and level-ups add into the mix…but one thing's for sure, it looks like a blast.


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