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Device running Samsung’s Tizen OS spotted in UAProf code

A device with codename Redwood has been spotted on Samsung's UAProf website that points to a 720p, LTE, and Cortex A9 device. These specs are quite modest for a possible flagship.

Samsung has been toiling away at their Tizen OS for quite some time, but it has definitely picked up some steam lately with word that Samsung plans to release a flagship smartphone running the homegrown operating system later this year.

A tiny bit of information was uncovered today that may have something to do with that smartphone. A device that is running the Tizen OS was discovered on Samsung’s UAProf (User Agent Profile) website, with the codename Redwood and the model number GT-18805. This seems to reinforce Samsung’s promise that a phone running the OS should arrive in 2013; furthermore, the Redwood codename is one that has floated by the rumor mill in the past.

Other information gathered is that the flagship phone will be LTE ready, have a 720p display of unknown size, and also a Cortex-A9 processor rather than the A15 which is more synonymous with the higher end phones that have come out recently.

What this tells us is that perhaps this device won’t be as powerful as maybe some would have hoped; maybe Samsung is looking to release a modest device to test the waters. Then again, if there is anything we know about the company, it’s that they are probably working on 10 different smartphones at various specifications that will follow the release of this one. Redwood is not the only rumored Tizen device that has been spotted; there was also the GT-I8800 known as Melius, which could be something more powerful.

Either way. we’ll have to wait from official word from Samsung (or more leaks) before we learn any more.

Source: Samsung Via: BriefMobile

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