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Developer of ‘No Time to Explain’ to give away their new game for free to combat piracy

tinyBuildGames, the developer of No Time to Explain, intends to counter piracy by releasing a toned down version of their next game for free.


The folks at tinyBuildGames have a very different view about piracy than most people.

The indie developer took a very novel approach to fighting piracy with their first game, No Time to Explain. While most developers would put up some DRM and pray that hackers don’t find a workaround, these guys put up a version of their game on the torrent site The Pirate Bay themselves. The only change made to the actual game was that the characters were wearing pirate hats in the free version.

While that act may seem like the digital version of shooting yourself in the foot, the move actually paid off. Some people who downloaded the game from the torrent site bought the game legitimately afterwards; people who may never otherwise have heard about this small indie title. The media coverage No Time to Explain got for its little stunt boosted sales even further.

Building on what they learned from their last outing, the developer is going to try their hand at outfoxing pirates once again. tinyBuildGames intend to release a slightly toned down version of their new game Speedrunners for free. The multiplayer-focused game about a bunch of superheroes running to the scene of a crime will be free of charge, with one caveat: No online multiplayer. That feature will be open to buyers of the full version of the game.

Speedrunners is available on Steam Early Access at the moment, however, you can wait it out for the free version of the game once it reaches completion.

Source: Joystiq

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