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Developer Preview of Ubuntu for smartphone available February 21

Ubuntu for smartphones won't set anchor until October, but for those that are impatient, Canonical will be release a preview of the mobile-desktop mash-up next week.

The Touch Developer Preview of Ubuntu for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 will be available for developers and enthusiasts to tinker with, and for those that attend MWC, Canonical will even install it onto the attendee’s phone for them. 

“This release marks the threshold of wider engagement—both with industry and community,” says Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu.  “For developers, contributors and partners, there is now a coherent experience that warrants attention.  The cleanest, most stylist mobile interface around.”

Shuttleworth’s claim of the “most stylish mobile interface around” will be subjected to scrutiny and reviews far and wide once the OS launches, but, all else aside, the release of a preview version will deliver instant fun for savvy developers and enthusiasts.

A preview SDK and app design guides have already been posted for those that whole-heartedly believe Ubuntu for smartphones is the next big thing in mobile.


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