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Developer Oculus Rift tear down reveals the VR headset is highly repairable

iFixit recently did a tear down of the Developer's Oculus Rift, and have unveiled some key components that will eventually end up in the hands of consumers.  Better yet, the virtual reality headset is also highly repairable.

The general tech spec of the Oculus headset include 1280×800 pixels (640×800 per eye) resolution, a horizontal field of view greater than 90 degrees, a diagonal field of view greater than 110 degrees, and tracking sensors that include gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer.

As for the 3D effect given off by the Oculus, it’s just pure science.  A slight shift in each of the viewing eye induces the brain to interpret and calculate the angles and dimensions in certain ways that make it seem like you’re seeing rockets and particles flying past you.

Core components of the Oculus include an Innolux HJ070IA-02D 7-inch LCD, a Himax HX8851 timing controller, and a custom designed Oculus Tracker V2 board optimized for 1000 Hz refresh rate.  Key chips on the board include a STMicroelectronics 32F103C8 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller at 72MHz CPU, an Invensense MPU-6000 six-axis motion tracker (gyro + accelerometer) controller, and a A983 2206 chip which iFixit thinks is a three-axis magnetometer.

The Oculus control box features HDMI, DVI, and Mini USB.  While video input to the Oculus is DVI, the control box is capable of converting a PC’s HDMI output to DVI, but VGA, however, is not supported.  On the control board are Realtek's RTD2486AD display interface controller, Windbond W25X20CL 256KB serial flash, and a Techcode TD1484A synchronous rectified step-down converter.

Lastly, iFixit gave the Oculus Rift a reparability score of 9, and the majority of the unscrewing involves mainly using a Phillips and some force around the perimeter to unclip the assembly.


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