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Demon-possessed Honda lawn mower can cut grass at 130MPH

Not everyone in the world has a lawn to mow, but that shouldn’t stop people from looking into buying a Honda lawn mower that can go faster than most economy cars.

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The Tokyo, Japan-based motor company Honda recently teamed up with UK-based Team Dynamics to revolutionize the lawn-mowing industry. The ‘Mean Mower’ has the look and feel of a HF2620, except it’s anything but your conventional 20hp slug.

They modified the original chassis to support a 1000cc motorcycle engine, eliminated some deadweight by using fiberglass for portions of the mower, and turned the grass bag into a housing for the fuel tank, high capacity oil cooler and a secondary water cooling radiator.

After all the work was done, the team took the mower to the track to cut some grass.  The Mean Mower can do 0-60MPH in about 4 seconds, and the team claims that the mower can reach 130MPH (209km/h) while screaming down the track.  Of course, the Mean Mower is still a mower at heart, so the team equipped the demon-possessed HF2620 with 2 electric motors for leisure grass cutting at 15MPH.

If your dream of owning the fastest car in the world hasn’t materialized yet, maybe you can switch mode and join the exotic sports mower revolution.

via wsj

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