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Demo of the new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0


The BlackBerry App World now enables developers to upload their Android applications onto App World. There is a simple conversion tool for developers of Android to convert and publish their application. This also provides opportunities to sell the app to hundreds of thousands of BlackBerry PlayBook customers, to generate revenue. The BlackBerry App World has yet to denote which app is Android, and which one isn't, but when you are opening an application, you can tell whether it is an Android app; the Android player has a unique bar at the bottom that shows all the Android applications which you have opened. Note that you can only run an Android application at a time.

You can connect your BlackBerry smartphone to the PlayBook using the BlackBerry Bridge app, and you can remote control the PlayBook easily with the smartphone. Like for example, in presentation mode, you can use the smartphone to scroll Powerpoint presentation slides by touching the back/next arrows on the touchscreen. This is done via Bluetooth connection between the tablet and phone. You can also use the phone to type text on the PlayBook, navigate the cursor, as well as home screens. To scroll down a document or web page, simply place two fingers on the touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone and move it upward or downward.

 Here's a short video on the remote control:-

Francois Mahieu, senior director, regional product manager, Research in Motion Asia Pacific, was also at the demo session to talk about the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0.

"It is a key moment for us because the product (PlayBook 2.0) is a teaser of the future of RIM and how we developed this great user interface to make the experience more fluid and fun. What you can see on the PlayBook 2.0 software, we have improved massively on the limitations of the previous software on personal communications and we think it will bring the product to new heights. In Asia Pacific, PlayBook has made good success and we're selling it in a number of countries – most of southeast Asia, India, Australia etc. Asia Pacific was more conservative for this product and we're happy because, as far as our assumptions were concerned, I think we made the right bet at the right time and now we're looking to sell more with the new software."

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