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Dell’s Project Ophelia to be released in July for around $100

Dell's ambitious Project Ophelia, a USB dongle that gives any compatible device access to Android 4.0 or higher, finally has a release a date of this Summer, in July. It will run you about $100.

If you recall this year’s CES, Dell unveiled a USB dongle that would that would bring the Android 4.0 (or higher) experience to any device that has a compatible HDMI port and of course a display. This device was known as Project Ophelia. Now it seems we have timeframe for release, as well as a possible price.

PC World is reporting that it will be available in July, and cost about $100. The device turns any compatible hardware into something that can download games, apps, and movies through the Google Play Store. Dell is hoping that this will compete with low-end Android tablets that are around the same price range, by providing a lot of the same functionality on any device that can support it using a portable USB dongle.

Yet another feature built into the product is Wyse’s PocketCloud, which will give users access to various files stored on PCs, mobile devices, and so on. Furthermore, Project Ophelia sports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Capabilities. It all sounds very ambitious and Dell hopes to win over more people as they intend to show it off again next week at the international Citrix Synergy conference.

Source: PC World Via: Android Authority

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