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Dell to release UltraSharp U2412M / U2412HM, U2312HM and U2212HM soon

Dell regularly refreshes its high-end LCD products approximately every one year and a half. Recent product listings and driver releases on Dell's support site reveal that the replacement for the UltraSharp U2410, the U2412M (or U2412HM), is on track for a Q3 2011 release, along with two other smaller-sized models, the U2312HM and U2212HM.


Last week, the folks over at HKEPC unearthed a monitor driver meant for Dell's upcoming high-end 24-inch UltraSharp LCD, which will be called the U2412M, according to the filename.

This week however, FlatpanelsHD and TFT Central have both suggested that the U2412M will be called the U2412HM, and Dell will be replacing the current U2311H and U2211H with the U2312HM and U2212HM respectively too around the same time frame as the 24-incher.

TFT Central went on to explain that the 'H' in the model name signifies a 16:9 screen aspect ratio, and the 'M' an e-IPS panel classification. It is suggested that the new U2412HM 24-incher will use an e-IPS panel, move away from the 16:10 format and adopt a 'more common' 16:9 ratio and native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Also, the use of White-LED (W-LED) backlighting in the new monitor would mean reverting to a standard NTSC gamut.

Next, the smaller-sized 23-inch and 21.5-inch models will be replaced with the U2312HM and U2212HM. These two e-IPS panels will be W-LED backlit, have a 16:9 aspect ratio and a native display resolution of 1920 x 1080.

No mirrors glossy coatings for these panels (matte anti-glare is here to stay), and the monitors will accept DVI-D and DisplayPort connections. All three models will be pushed out of the door by the end of the year, with the U2412M (or U2412HM) expected to appear first in Q3.


References: FlatpanelsHD, TFT Central, Dell Support




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