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Dell teases unnamed 15-inch ultrathin notebook PC

Notebooks are meant to be portable, but there will always be times where portability has to take a back seat, especially where performance, onscreen real estate and user comfort is concerned. As luck will have it, Dell has apparently received enough requests for a 15-inch ultrathin notebook for it to actually start producing its own idea of how such a notebook should resemble. And based on the teaser images, we'd have to admit that Dell has got quite the looker on their hands.

Are you the kind of user to believes that notebooks should come with large displays in order to make it easy for the mobile professional to read through walls of text without having to squint like how it is done on smaller-sized notebooks? Well, if you are, you are in luck: Dell has officially announced the existence of a brand-new 15-inch notebook up its sleeves which it touts as one of the thinnest such notebooks to exist, and has even released a few teaser images to show off just how thin and well-designed the notebook is.

Of course, Dell had taken measures to ensure that it did not reveal any more information than it needed to in order to capture the audience's attention, and the press release we were issued with seems to confirm that fact. However, Dell did mention that the ultrathin 15-inch tablet will be powered by either an Intel Core i5 or an i7 processor, and that the casing used to house the notebook's hardware is less than an inch thin. More importantly, the images released by Dell seems to suggest that the unnamed notebook's casing will be built out of metal instead of the tough plastic favoured by most OEMs today.

As expected, the press release contains no information about the notebook's release date and pricing,  though Dell did mention that it will be keeping us in the loop for any further updates about the unnamed notebook, so do check back for updates.

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