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Dell refreshes its XPS 8500 to 8700, XPS 27 AIO and XPS 12 Ultrabook

Dell refreshes its 2012 lineup with new internals based on Intel’s newest 4th generation Core processors based on Haswell microarchitecture. The refresh hits their XPS 8500 desktop, the XPS 27 all-in-one and XPS 12 Ultrabook.

After already having unveiled its Lenovo Yoga inspired XPS 11 yesterday, Dell has announced the refresh of its existing products to improve their positioning in the market for 2013.

Dell XPS 8700 desktop

Dell XPS 8700

Dell has replaced their 2012 XPS 8500 desktop with the new XPS 8700. Other than the slight bump in model number, the new desktop tower by Dell packs Intel’s latest toy, namely Haswell. Additionally, the tower offers four HDD racks, up to 4 TB of storage and up to 32 GB of RAM. SSD options provided now include Intel’s Smart Response Technology. The XPS 8700 base system costs $700 and is available today.

Dell XPS 27 AIO

The Dell XPS 27 all-in-one packs a 27-inch ultra-high resolution WQHD (2560 x 1440) display with a very high brightness of 350 nits (compared to 300 nits in last year’s model). The display also boasts of displaying a wider color gamut of 99%, up from 72% in the model that it has replaced. Like the XPS 8700, Dell has swapped the processor for a Haswell unit and stuffed a 2 GB version of an unannounced next-generation Nvidia GPU (mysterious much).

For storage, you either pick a 2 TB HDD or a 256 GB SSD. All of that neatly tucked behind the beautiful monitor costs $1,600 (and upwards). We can’t comment on the value-for-money factor of this good-looking AIO until we find out the exact CPU and GPU model, but we certainly expect Dell to put some powerful yet efficient (after all, it’s an AIO) parts in there.

Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook

The company’s XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook receives an upgrade. Dell added an NFC chip to the baby, along with the usual upgrades such as using a Haswell based processor and a higher rated battery (50Wh, up from 47Wh). According to the company’s estimates, the XPS 12 should run about 9.5 hours on a single full charge, up by 3 hours compared to the 2012 model.

Dell XPS 12 ultrabook 2013

The impressive Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook will sell for a base price of $1,200. Shipping beings as early as the 9th of July for selected regions.

via Engadget

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