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Dedicated gamer submits massive Skyrim mod as an employment application to Bethesda Softworks

Falskaar 1

Instead of submitting a formal employment application with a resume, 19-year-old Alexander Valicky opted for the more creative route. He spent countless hours building an impressive Skyrim mod to act as an application to work at Bethesda Softworks.

The mod is called Falskaar, and Valicky has spent an amazing 2,000 hours building everything from the foundations to the finishing touches of the mod.

Falskaar offers over 25 hours of unique user-created content that attests for Valicky’s dedication, including a massive new in-game land that is roughly the size of 2-3 of Skyrim’s holds, a range of new NPC’s each with new and unique voices, fourteen new tracks that add 40 minutes of new music to the game,  and 26 new quests.

Falskaar 8

The environments of Falskaar are impressive to say the least, and look very much like something that Bethesda would introduce as an add-on DLC. The region is sprawling and is replete with its own flora and fauna, with flowing rivers and waterfalls and towering misty mountains that peak in the skies.

As for the issue of bugs, the mod has been “rigorously tested” by a team to ensure quality assurance, meaning that most gamers will not come across any bugs. Additionally, Valicky ensures that Falskaar has been developed with “compatibility in mind” and that it will be compatible with many mods–which is good news for gamers who run a heavily modded gameplay experience.

Within the mod’s official page on the Skyrim Nexus site, Alexander Valicky has the following to say about his intentions in creating Falskaar:

“I did this because I love game design, it’s my life, and I want a job at Bethesda Game Studios as a level designer.

This was for you, Bethesda. I’ll be applying for a job there very soon; I just hope they are as impressed as you guys seem to be!”

Falskaar 2

A PC Gamer interview with Valicky reveals that Bethesda is well aware of the mod’s current standing, however the publisher has yet to respond to the developer’s pending application.

“The best way to show Bethesda Game Studios that I want a job there and should be hired is to create content that meets the standards of their incredible development team.”.

The community over at Skyrim Nexus is quite impressed with the mod: to date it has received over two thousand endorsements and fifty-six thousand downloads–numbers that attest to the community’s overall impression of the mod.

It will be interesting to see what Bethesda has to say regarding Valicky’s employment, and to hear what they think of Falskaar and the developer’s overall skillset. In any case, the mod continues to thrive within the Skyrim modding community, and remains a considerable user-created modification to Bethesda’s best-selling release.

For more information or to download Falskaar and try it out for yourself please visit the game’s official Skyrim Nexus page.

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