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Dead Island: Riptide Review

Dead Island: Riptide is a direct sequel to the events that took place in the first Dead Island game, and picks up right where the former release left off. It also gives a nice rundown of the previous events of the last game, catching players up and keeping them up to speed on the story.

The last game left the survivors in a helicopter, having believed that they had survived and escaped the zombie plague.

The helicopter is headed for a military ship–a floating fortress that represents safety and hope for our beleaguered group–but upon landing they find that things are quite different than what they had thought.

The military has lured our immune survivors to the carrier in order to perform tests on them, and soon things run awry and the infection breaks out on the ship.

Rather than being transported to safety and finding salvation from the horrible plague, our group of survivors actually find themselves out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Palanai used to be an enchanting tropical paradise with plenty of tourists and visitors seeking memorable vacations. Now it's waters are soaked with blood, and those same tourists roam the island's jungles as walking dead.

The carrier crashes into the rocks of a tropical island known as Palanai, and the survivors find themselves on the beaches of the wondrously beautiful island…but soon they realize that Palanai isn't just a sunny resort for the perfect vacation: the plague has spread this far and has wreaked havoc on the population, replacing them with horrible bloodthirsty ghouls.

Palanai's tropical sentiments are marred by the destruction and mayhem inflicted by the plague: its crystal clear waters are tinted red with blood, its towns and villages are wracked with violence and horror, and its populace has been nearly wiped out, with only a handful of survivors who have fortified themselves in various locations throughout the island.

Dead Island: Riptide features the familiar ensemble of characters with a brand new face thrown into the mix; John Morgan (far left) uses his fists as deadly weapons, specializing in hand-to-hand combat.
Techland's sequel is as every bit as satisfying as the first game while building its own expansive storyline that's overshadowed by the terrible events that the survivors are subjected to. They're far from victims, however: they fight with their lethal skills to carve a swath through the overwhelming hordes of the undead.
Dead Island: Riptide chronicles the strife-filled journey of the original team of characters from the first game:
  • Xian – A lethal Asian femme fatale who slices and dices with her katana.
  • Sam B – The one-hit wonder rapper who bashes and smashes with blunt weapons.
  • Purna – An expert in firearms, Purna guns down zombies with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Logan – The ex-football MVP who's skill with throwing weapons is legendary.
  • John Morgan – The game's new character and ex-soldier who uses his fists to brawl swarms of zombies with hand-to-hand combat.

Each of the six characters have their own distinct personas, full voice-acting, and in-game weapon specializations, offering a distinct playthrough with each.

Palanai's tropical rainforests and jungles are filled with terrible abominations, and players must work together in order to survive the oncoming hordes.
Throughout their bloody, terror-filled adventure in Palanai's jungles and beaches, our group comes across Harlow, the leader of a village known as Paradise where other non-infected survivors have fortified themselves against the undead.
Harlow's people initiate the game's story arc and establish key plot mechanisms that carry players throughout their journey, and provide other key characters who offer various services like buying and selling items as well as offering quests.
Riptide's story takes players across the entire island, from its sweltering swampy jungles to the vibrant beaches and the horrifying Dead Zones scattered throughout, and unfold a dynamic sequence of events that chronicle the mysteries behind the outbreak and the plague itself…

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