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Dawn of War II : Chaos Rising

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A massive patch was launched to existing
Dawn of War II owners which allows them to play with Chaos Rising
owners. With that said, it means all the balance changes and new units
are synchronized  for both users. The only feature that is not
accessible to Dawn of War II users is the Chaos Rising campaign, use of 
Chaos Race in multiplayer and skirmish (you can still set AI as Chaos)
and of course the Tyranid and Chaos hero in The Last Stand mode.

The RTS gameplay in Dawn of War II remains
the same apart from the new units and balancing. Carnifex for Tyranid is
now standardized as 1 unit which allows you to upgrade it to a melee
heavyweight or a ranged beast that blasts plasma.

Chaos units have the advantage to get
the blessing from one of the Chaos gods and its upgrade will apply
accordingly. I am pretty much “in love” with Tzeentch since it gives the
Chaos Predator tank the “pew pew” laser ability.

In its entirety,
multiplayer gameplay retains its originality but featuring an addition
of Chaos faction and more balanced gameplay.

The campaign have also increased the level
cap to 30 with new items and also the introduction to the “Corruption”
System. Indeed, your very own space marines will face the possibility of
being swayed to the forces of Chaos or stand firm with its moral and
values for the Emperor. An action, weapon or even certain events will
affect your Space Marines.

Did I mention multiple endings ? Indeed, your choice to sway to Chaos or stand pure in the eyes of the emperor will affect your ending.

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