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Date of Sony’s E3 2013 press conference confirmed, may introduce PS4 at the event

Sony has recently locked in the timeframe for their official press release at E3 2013, where they are expected to reveal new info on the upcoming PS4–and perhaps even a physical build of the console itself.

Sony has recently confirmed the date of its official press release at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), where the company will showcase its next-gen contender against rival Microsoft at one of the year's biggest events.

Sony's press conference will take place on Monday, June 10th at 6PM PST/9PM EST, and is expected to feature highlights on the PlayStation 4 as well as a possible appearance of Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai.

If speculation can be believed, we may also see an official demo build of the PS4 during the event. Live streaming coverage will most likely be available across the official PlayStation website as well as PlayStation Home.

Although the PS4 was officially revealed during Sony's See The Future event back in February, an actual model of the console has yet to be revealed, and E3 would be a fitting venue to showcase the system.

In the past few months Sony has wasted no time in divulging key information on the PlayStation 4 during the last few months, covering important bases like the console's internal specs, the new DualShock 4 controller, and the PS4's impressive array of functions including live sharing and cross-platform gameplay.

Sony's Mark Cerny has even discussed the merits of the PS4's unified architecture with an x86 chip, putting the company farther along the next-gen trail.

Microsoft will have to play catch-up with its next-gen rival, and will initiate the first of its barrages during the recently announced Xbox 720 reveal on May 21st. Although Microsoft is reportedly six months behind in regards to its next-gen schedule, this month's reveal event may prove to be a game changer for the company.

The event will also give Microsoft the chance to dispel (or confirm) many of the daunting rumors surrounding the Xbox 720, many of which have rattled the gaming sector at its core.

Microsoft may also take the opportunity to display a build of the Xbox 720 during the scheduled reveal event as a means of one-upping Sony, however due to their supposedly delayed schedule, this probably won't happen.

Sony's E3 conference (June 10) is weeks after Microsoft's Xbox 720 reveal (May 21), giving the Japanese gaming titan precious time to one-up against its rival. Thus far Sony has definitely had the advantage of time on its side, and has had marked success in branding the new console across the gaming sector.

It will be interesting to see what key points that Sony makes during its presentation at E3, and if we'll finally see Kaz Hirai holding up a demo build of the console for all to see–a landmark moment that will hopefully happen soon.

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