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Data reveals majority of the iPhone owners use Apple Maps instead of Google Maps

Apple Maps didn’t get off to a good start when it initially replaced Google Maps, but new data reveals that majority of the iPhone owners now use the default mapping service.


The change took place last year, when Apple released iOS 6. The new firmware update kicked off Google Maps as the default mapping service and replaced it with Apple Maps, an app that the company had developed itself. There were a lot of issues at launch, users complained about incorrect directions, app crashes and distorted imagery. Since then Apple has worked on its service quite a lot and its certainly better now than it used to be. Google Maps, on the other hand, is now available as a standalone app in the App Store.

The latest data from ComScore reveals that majority of iPhone owners have stuck with Apple Maps in the long run. Just last year, Google Maps lost 23 million iPhone users in the U.S. Fast forward to September 2013, and 35 million iPhone owners in the U.S. use Apple Maps while only 6 million use Google Maps on their Apple smartphone. 2 million of the latter use Google’s mapping service because their iPhones are not capable of running iOS 6.

This goes to show that Apple Maps hasn’t turned out to be a disaster as many had predicted early on. Similar usage stats are expected in markets other than the U.S. Google Maps’ dominance on the iPhone has certainly been ended.

Source: 9to5Mac

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