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DangDang releases One Piece multiplayer game


The "One Piece" multiplayer game, based on the anime, has become wildly popular in China.  It's popular, but can Luffy and his gang conquer China the same ways they did the oceans of One Piece?

On October 17, Dangdang, the Chinese e-commerce company, released "One Piece" the multiplayer game based on the classic Japanese anime of the same name. Already, the game has 60 servers and nearly 100 thousand players.   It is a horizontal dueling-style MMORPG where gamers play as pirates from the anime.  Dangdang has also started sweepstakes and contests for players, with more than 10 million yuan worth of prizes, which include e-books, iPads, and online gold and experience. 

There are an estimated 800 thousand online games available in China right now, generating a substantial revenue for developers and advertisers.  Companies can post games to their sites to generate traffic and revenue as well as increase brand awareness and customer retention.  In 2011, the Chinese online gaming industry was worth 5.55 billion yuan with a growth rate of 10% per business quarter.  

Out of the hundreds of thousands of online games in China, "One Piece" has become wildly successful because of the anime's popularity, classic japanese game animation, and the diversity of activities within the game.  The game is available at 37wan.com.  

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