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D-Link DIR-865L Wireless AC1750 Router Review

The DIR-865L is held together by two screws at the bottom, a screw at the back and plastic clips on its sides. The main board is secured in place with four screws.

D-Link uses ceramic heatsinks on the DIR-865L's chipsets. The heatsinks does get quite warm during normal operation.


There are six internal antennas all together, three each for the 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band. The PCB antenna element, 2.4GHz on the left and 5GHz on the right, are made by M.gear and are connected to the board by U.FL connectors.



The key components are highlighted in the colored boxes for easy orientation.

Main CPU : Broadcom BCM4706

Memory : 2 x Micron MT47H64M16HR-25E DDR2 128MB (256MB)

Ethernet switch : Broadcom BCM53125

2.4 GHz radio : Broadcom BCM4331



Flash memory : Macronix MX25L12845EMI-10G 128MB Flash

2.4 GHz radio amplifier : Skyworks SE2605L 2.4GHZ power amplifier



5 GHz radio : Broadcom BCM4360

5 GHz radio amplifier : Skyworks SE5003L1-R 5GHZ power amplifer

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