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D-Link DCS-932L mydlink Cloud Wireless IP Camera Review

Setting up the IP camera is straightforward: Simply insert the installation CD and follow the guide step-by-step. 

After registering the device to your mydlink account, you can access it via their home page – – http://mydlink.com/entrance. The downside of configuring the camera via mydlink is that it took a while to load and there is the hassle of setting the web browser to approve the self-signed HTTPS certificates. On top of that, when the device is reset to factory default, it will automatically unregister itself from the mydlink account, provided it is connected to the Internet. 



At 640×480 resolution with high quality image settings and audio enabled, the DCS-932L uses a constant bandwidth of approximately 6mbps.


Image is significantly better in night vision mode. The outline of the leaves on the bush is completely visible.



Users can also manage and configure the web camera on their iOS or Android devices. The time for it to load will depend on the speed and link quality of the phone's 3G connection.

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