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Cyber fight between spammers and anti-spammers cause global internet to slow down

If you have noticed the internet being a little sluggish today, don’t blame your provider. The reason behind the problem is a dispute, between an anti-spam group and a web-hosting company, gone wild.

Spamhaus is a London based non-profit organization pledged to fight spam. Cyberbunker is a Dutch web-hosting company with the motto “we will host anything” (as long as it’s not child porn or terrorist material). These are the two combatants responsible for today’s internet hiccups.

A while ago, Spamhaus blocked Cyberbunker’s servers to filter out the mass of spam on email providers. Cyberbunker complained that the group is abusing its power and accused Spamhaus for fascistically controlling internet traffic. Next thing was a massive DDoS attack on the Spamhaus servers that shook the very internet infrastructure.

Steve Linford, chief executive for Spamhaus, talked to the BBC, admitting that they are under attack for days. The attackers have jammed the servers with immense traffic, to the point that companies like Google have offered support to absorb some of the load. As he said, the attacks are peaking at 300 gigabits per second, when the largest so far DDoS attack (back in 2010) was of the level of 100 gb/s. Spamhaus claims that this attack is the biggest of this kind in history.

The whole case is under investigation by five different national cyber-police-forces, but they refrain from revealing themselves out of fear of accepting similar attacks.

Spamhaus blames the attack on Cybebunker allies, allegedly “criminal gangs” from Eastern Europe and Russia. Cyberbunker refused to make a comment and the dispute is in a stalemate, with internet struggling to cope with the bustling activity.

Source: BBC

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