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CyanogenMod answers Androidians’ prayer with CM 10.2 Nightly builds

The CyanogenMod team has released several CM 10.2 nightly builds to a few select devices.


Lucky owners, and guinea pigs for CM devs, of the Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, Metro PCS, and US Cellular), Samsung Captivate, and Samsung Relay 4G can now head over the download page and test the builds.  Early birds also have to keep in mind that experimenting with the 10.2 nightly builds will require users to install the 4.3 GApps if Play Store and other Google services are desired.

When one finds himself abandoned and forsaken by the very maker of his precious handset, all he can do is hope for the best.  Usually, though, hope isn’t a cure for reality, and the truth is most Android handset makers don’t give a hoot once their hardware has been paid for and all forms of custody has been released.  For the most part, timely updates from OEMs in the world of Android are almost non-existence.

For those that are daring enough to type into Google “please save my Android phone”, however, the world of Android is actually one of many wonderful colors.  Despite the lack of support from the mothers and fathers of these left-at-the-church-step Android handsets, community-driven support groups like CyanogenMod are helping to keep alive optimized-starved infantile phones.

As fragmented as the Android ecosystem is, there’s also a tightly knit community of hackers, tinkerers and true blue givers that will devote their precious time into feeding and de-bloating your un-optimized and unsupported Android toy.

Anyway, check out CM’s website periodically to see if they have a 10.2 build for your handset to extend the life and capabilities of your pocket computer.

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