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Current AAA video game development strategy: It’s all or nothing says Ubisoft manager

Ubisoft’s manager, Jade Raymond, claims that modern gamers want to try before buy, they are used to free-to-play and microtransaction games, and that there is no space for more than ten blockbuster titles per year.

While working on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the head of Ubisoft’s Toronto studio gave a warning about the current situation in gaming industry. The market cannot sustain anymore many triple A budget games, given the changes on the gamers’ habits and the highly competitive gaming market.


In her interview on the today’s Guardian, she expressed her concerns about the changing trends in gaming. Old gamers prefer to try before buy and they don’t blindly buy the game in a box as they used to, while new gamers come from a social media world where games are free or based on optional microtransactions.

Given these facts, she believes gaming companies should find a way to introduce such options in console games as well. Blockbuster games can still coexist with free-to-play and microtransaction ones, but the game developers should face the truth. As she said: “There's only room for let's say 10 successful titles a year on those sorts of budgets. So you have to go all-in on those; you have to be sure you'll have a hit, and when you make it you have to invest everything to make sure it's amazing."

Source: The Guardian

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