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Cubitek Mini ICE ITX Enclosure Review

Temperature Testing

In the ice caps melting Linpack test, we achieved a maximum recorded temperature of 82 degree celcius on a Sandy Bridge 2600K running at 5.0GHz with 1.46v Vcore. This has more to do with the dexterity of the dual 120mm radiator custom water cooling that we had though, and most low profile CPU air coolers won't be able to overclock without getting too hot.


As for the graphics card, our Radeon HD 7870 (175W TDP) got an excellent result of 58 degree celcius on the Furmark extreme burn-in run, with the GPU fans fixed at 50%. 


Hard disk temperatures were decent as well, with the notoriously hot WD Velociraptor maxing out at 31.8 degree celcius.



Price: US$169.99

We found that the Cubitek Mini ICE was a pleasant case for system builders, with no blood spilled from sharp edges or screw thread issues. Build quality is top-notch. Asthetics wise its not a bad looker either, although we would have preferred the ATX PSU to be mounted at the bottom of the case like Bitfenix's latest offering, allowing for more ambitious CPU HSFs to be used.

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