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Cubitek Mini ICE ITX Enclosure Review


The Mini ICE has quite a spacious interior, with four internal 3.5-inch drive bays and a 340mm clearance for powerful graphics cards. Cooling is handled by a top-mounted 140mm blue LED fan acting as an exhaust and an optional 140mm intake below. The PSU takes its air intake from the side panel so as not to deprive the other components of air flow.

Our motherboard in this review is the ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe, pictured here with a low profile Cooler Master Gemini II M4 cooler. Because we wanted to do more ambitious overclocking, we employed a spare Thermaltake water cooling system that we had lying around in our office.



Hard drive installation was pretty straightforward, with rubberized rollers as screws and an included 2.5-inch adapter for a pair of SSDs, which is pretty commonplace in modern setups.



Plenty of space for hidden wiring at the back also.

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