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Cubitek Has Big Aluminum Case Plans for 2012

The EATX Ice is for bigger systems, and 2P workstations, as most 2P workstation motherboards these days come in the EATX (extended ATX) form-factor. With EATX, it's not the height of the case that stands to increase compared to ATX, but rather its depth. This case measures 230 x 518.5 x 583 mm (W x H x D), weighing 8.2 kg.

Its front-side is just a slightly taller version of the ATX Ice, there's an extra 5.25-inch drive bay thrown in there. On the top side, you can find two exhausts, the ATX Ice has just one.

Although a well-intentioned EATX case design so far, Cubitek fumbled with the CPU cooler cutouts on the motherboard tray, there's just one, making having the cutout useless for people with 2P motherboards. You can notice that the 3.5-inch drive bays are partitioned into three sets of three bays each. The top set can be detached making even more room for long expansion cards than EATX cases naturally come aplenty with. The third set is detachable, too, it's supposed to be located next to the PSU bay.

The rear panel is as uneventful as the one on the ATX Ice.

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