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Crytek’s next-gen engine will predictably support the PS4


You’re probably reading the headline and thinking to yourself “duh”, and you should be thinking that because it was obvious.  The only difference now is that it’s 100% official.

Crytek prides themselves on having games that push the envelope when it comes to graphics. The way they accomplish this is using their latest internally developed engine going by the name of CryEngine 3.

Yes it was obvious that the engine would support the Playstation 4, especially considering the fact that the console has the highest specs compared to the Wii U and Xbox One. Regardless, it wasn’t until now that the company has announced official support. As for why it has taken so long, that’s anybody’s guess.


What makes the situation a little more weird is that they announced support for the Xbox One earlier despite the fact that the console was revealed months after the PS4. I’m not implying that there is a conspiracy theory here, but it’s certainly a bit odd. As for who will use this next engine.  It’s unknown how many developers plan to license it for their games but I have a feeling we might know of one or two come E3 next week.

Source: Crytek Via: Engadget

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