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Crysis 2 PC Review

Let's talk about multiplayer gaming. It is similar to other shooters in the market with ranking system, weapon unlocks and customizations. What makes Crysis 2 different is the amount of customizations you can go with and a rewarding experience on using the nanosuit for your combat strategy. It is up to the player to decide and different servers may offer different handicaps to make gameplay more challenging.

The multi-player allows up to sixteen players (8 versus 8) in the server, an increase from the demo's cap of twelve. A total of six game modes are available for play with your typical death-matches to Crash Site, a king of the hill style whereby players must hold an alien crash site which lands in any place of the map. You can unlock a capture-the-flag variant together with Assault and Extraction modes.

The charm is the Nanosuit after putting all these modes together. It is the player who have to determine how to equip his nanosuit and customize according to the maps he play. Careful use and tweaks will determine different ways to play as you will gain experience points after a completion of a round which levels you up for further unlocks.

Putting these features together, you can expect quite an extensive, lasting multi-player experience in the months to come.

You do not need the latest hardware to play with acceptable frame rates although they offer better quality visuals to enhance the experience. We tested on a few system configurations using the latest high-end hardware to some old mainstream configurations.

With the above mentioned, it is unfortunate that Crysis 2 disappoints to become a top standard for today's graphic and performance benchmark. Sure, it looks good but it isn't enough, at least not with the extreme demands from hardcore PC enthuaists to stress-test their systems. 

Previously, we did a quick benchmark on the following configuration:

Intel i7 2600k @ 4.8ghz

Asus P8P67 Deluxe

8gb DDR3 RAM

Sapphire Radeon 6970 @ 935/1440mhz

Windows 7 with SP1

AMD Catalyst 10.4 Preview with 10.2 CAP 4

FPS in timedemo

GPU clocks scaling


Not much of a stress-test, isn't it ? More image quality comparisons can be found here



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