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Crysis 2 PC Review


Crysis 2 is beautiful and perhaps one of the best looking games in the market, using Crytek’s CryEngine 3. It is impressive though not groundbreaking as how its predecessor did but Crysis 2 runs well even on today’s mainstream systems and on consoles. Hardened veterans will complain it is a console port and a downgraded game from its predecessor that it is arguable.

It isn’t easy to create a beautiful game that works across multiple platforms and this is where Crysis 2 shines. Expect better performance with Crysis 2 as compared to Crysis 1, which PC players benefit from the sequel’s multi-platform strategy.

The downside? There aren’t many advanced tweaks in the options to adjust the visuals. It is a little disappointing in this perspective as players are given four areas to adjust in the Graphics section: Resolution, V-sync, HUD bobbing, and one of three pre-defined quality settings: HighVery High and Extreme.

There are no options to tweak anti-aliasing levels and the nitty settings for quality to crank up the performance required, this is perhaps a question to the developers and a mystery to end-users.

There is no DirectX 11 support despite being a highly anticipated title in 2011, we are hoping the folks will release a patch to incorporate Direct X 11 features soon.


Crysis 2's music scores are composed by Borislav Slavov and Tilman Sillescu with the help of Hans Zimmer. The music that makes up the game has one of the greatest orchestral scores I have ever heard and the ambiance effects that build upon the pace of the game were great, thanks to the surround sound capability supported. Gun firing sounds are pretty astonishing though the default weapon sounded a little shallow.

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