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Crucial m4 mSATA 256GB SSD Review

The Crucial m4 mSATA drive is supplied inside a long blister package which it was most likely initially meant for RAM modules. Nevertheless, the packaging is simplistic but very effective at protecting the device during transportation.

Crucial's mSATA device is physically no different than any mSATA device we have seen before; the tiny size leaves no room for fancy designs and aesthetics are clearly not even a parameter with mSATA drives. A large sticker with the drive's basic specifications, serial and part numbers, as well as the firmware version and the certifications of the device covers the entire top side of the tiny mSATA drive.

The rear of the mSATA drive reveals only two more NAND flash chips, which are too covered by a sticker indicating the drive's country of origin.

As the name suggests, the mSATA m4 drive is just a smaller version of the highly popular SATA version which shares the same model name. Both the SATA and mSATA versions of the m4 drive feature a Marvell controller paired with a Micron DRAM cache memory chip. Four Micron NAND flash chips grant a total capacity of 256GB, the maximum possible capacity of an mSATA drive; for the time being.

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