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Creative ZiiLabs unveils 3rd-Gen reference designs for Android tablets

Media processor and platforms company ZiiLabs has unveiled the Jaguar3, its 3rd generation of reference designs for Android 3.2 tablets that incorporate over a decade of designing experience in portable mobile devices from Creative Technology. Based on a motherboard concept, the designs were first demonstrated at Computex 2011 in May this year, and were made possible for an OEM or ODM to bring Android 3.x tablets to market in the shortest possible time.

The Jaguar3 features the ZMS-20 StemCell processor, a system-on-chip (SoC) based on the dual-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9.  With the presence of an additional 48 StemCell processing cores, the ZMS-20 is effectively a 50-core processor.  In addition, OEM customers building Jaguar3 tablets will have the option of upgrading to the 4th generation ZMS-40 SoC chip, which will feature a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 and 96 StemCell processing cores for a 100-core processor when available in the next quarter.

According to ZiiLabs, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creative Technology, the Jaguar3 design features massive integration of I/O devices and processors within a "granddaughter-board" in order bring its dimensions down to a mere 2.44" (62 mm) x 4.64" (118 mm).  Designed with 10-inch tablets in mind, the Jaguar3 consumes just 1W of power, making it possible to achieve extremely slim designs of 7.4mm or weighing just 480 grams.

Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of Creative Technology said in a prepared statement: "The explosive tablet market is pure ruthless in every sense.  Even a slight delay in a fast-track 6-month design cycle can be lethal. This is a whole new ballgame where only the fastest can survive".  Sim observed how Jaguar3 will help OEM to effectively enter the tablet market instantly and economically, while at the same time reducing their risks significantly.

A high-end Jaguar3 configuration will support advanced capabilities such as:

  • Dual camera system of up to 12 megapixel for rear facing image capture and high definition (HD) front facing
  • Easy-to-use 40 Megapixel panoramic photography
  • Advanced video playback with trick modes such as rewind play, frame-by-frame advance and reverse
  • Dual microphone array for noise-free recording and video conferencing
  • Creative Sound Blaster's famed X-Fi audio effects

ZiiLabs said that the Jaguar3 breaks new ground by offering different "flavors" to snag various crowns such as the most powerful, the lightest, the slimmest, the most complete and the lowest cost Android 3.2 tablet reference designs currently on the market. The Jaguar3 reference design kits are expected to sample to select customers in October 2011.


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