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Creative Zen Vision: M

The top of the Zen Vision: M. The left is where the power/lock slide
button is located. Sliding the button to the left and it will power on or off
the player. Pushing it back to the right will lock the player. The extreme right
is where the headphone jack is located. The power/lock button is actually
illuminated in blue when in use.


Now let’s look over to the right side of the player. Here is where the
microphone jack is located. It actually allows one to do voice recording and
play back using the Zen Vision: M. Anyone want to do their own compilation of
songs using their own voice?


At the bottom of the Zen Vision: M is where the reset button is located. Neatly
placed in the middle is the socket where you connect the docking connector.
This connecter allows one to charge using the normal DC power adapter that comes
with it, the USB 2.0 and also the AV port.


From left to right: the USB2.0 port, the power adapter port and also the
AV out port.


Now let’s take a look at the back of the player. The design is similar
to the Zen Vision but the sad part is that the battery is integrated into the
housing. Hence, you can’t take it out or replace it without popping off
the casing. Do take note that this will void the warranty if you do it.

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