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Creative Zen Vision: M

The contents all emptied from the boxes. There is the USB 2.0 cable, the software
CD, a white pouch, the headphones, the Zen Vision : M, Power Adapter with 2
interchangable plugs, Sync Adapter and User’s Guide. Everything is white in
color except the player and the installation CD. This whole set seems to be
built on a black and white color theme.


We see a close up on the player itself. Notice the 4 corners located at the
lower half of the player? This is actually the illuminated navigation control.
Clockwise from top left is Play/Pause, Contextual Menu or I prefer
to call it the List Menu , the Back and the Shortcut
control. The center portion is actually a touchpad. One can use it to scroll,
fast-forward, forward, fast-reverse
and reserve. One thing I don’t
quite like about this touchpad is that it’s a bit too sensitive and I tend to
over-shoot on my selections and navigations. Selection is done by tapping the
center of the touchpad.


3 players compared from top view side by side. Noticed that the Zen Vision:
M is about the same size as an iPod 4th Generation 20GB player.


Little brother Zen Vision: M placed on top of big brother,
Zen Vision.

I didn’t place the Zen Vision: M on top of the iPod because
basically it’s the same length and width. From the picture it is not easy
to tell which is thicker so I took one more shot from the side…

The thickness of the 3 players side by side


Closer compare between the iPod and Zen Vision: M. Notice that the Zen Vision:
M is only slightly thicker than the iPod.

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