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Creative Vado HD


Accessing the rechargable battery pack is easy and requires no tools to do so. The battery can be charged in the camera via the USB connection or you can purchase a separate battery charger.

An interesting find is that the battery pack resembles and even has the same part number (NP60) that is used by other digital cameras.

By using a readily available battery pack you won’t necessarily have to purchase the original Creative pack so you have more recording time out in the field.

Tripod Mount and USB Connector

The tripod screw mount is offset because most of the bottom edge is taken up by the USB connector. By having the USB connector already fixed to the Vado HD means you won’t be forgetting or hunting for a USB cable when you need to charge or connect it.

By doing this Creative did create a problem with the tripod mounting. The USB connector has a protruding rubber extension that allows the user to easily grab and pivot out for use. However, this rubber presents a problem with tripods where when you screw it on the raised rubber makes the camera slant. You will need to adjust the tripod where necessary to get a level shot.

Luckily I have a simple camera mounting device that did not interfere with the rubber protrusion.

Fixed Lens

The fixed lens means there isn’t an optical zoom and you won’t be able to get any macro or close up shots.

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