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Creative I-Trigue L3500 & NOMAD MuVo NX 128MB

First Impression:


It was not that different
from the MuVo in terms of size and looks really, in fact the battery packs
are probably compatible with the old MuVo (something which I will try later).
However, Creative have listened to customer feedback and included a LCD screen
this time round. The major differences between the MuVo and the MuVo NX are
summarised as thus from their FAQ:

  • High resolution EL-backlit
    graphical LCD with ID3 tag display
  • EQ presets (4-band Custom
    Equaliser, 4 Equaliser presets)
  • Voice recording with
    built-in microphone (Mono, up to 8 hours with 128MB)
  • Quick Scroller Navigation
  • Playback from folders
    (1 level down) / Easy Folder Navigation
  • LCD 180 degree rotation
    for left-handers

And here are the package

  • One NOMAD MuVo NX Player
  • One Pair of Stereo Earphones
  • One Extra Battery Module
  • One Armband (Armstrap
    and Case with clip)
  • One AAA Alkaline Battery
  • One Quick Start Guide
  • One Installation CD

Creative I-Trigue

When I first carried it,
the only thought that was in my head was that, “Woah, this is heavy.” On
opening the box when I got home, it was really a good feeling to find out
that I have been lugging around a real looker. There is really a difference
between seeing the photos on the box and finally opening the box on getting
home and taking out the contents. While the I-Trigue L3500 is meant primarily
meant for usage with a computer, this is a pair of speakers (and subwoofer)
that would not look out of place beside your television or just by its own
on a table as well.

And here are the package

  • Two speakers with attached
    6½ft / 2m cables
  • One subwoofer
  • One Audio Control Pod
  • One stereo-to-stereo
    audio cable
  • One power supply adapter
  • One Quick Start Leaflet



It really could not be
any easier. If you are running Windows ME/2000/XP, and you already have a
collection of mp3s, all you need to do is to plug it into your USB port.
Like its predecssor, the MuVo NX shows up in Windows Explorer as a removable
drive. All you have to do is to drag your mp3s into the drive. As I have
mentioned earlier, there was also an installation CD. It basically contains
the manual in Adobe PDF format, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows 98SE drivers,
Creative MediaSource and NOMAD MuVo NX Media Format. The installation of
the software essentially went smoothly, without any hitches.

On the hardware side, it
is practically idiotproof. The battery door opens without you having to jump
through hoops, and the player slides out of the battery module easily, yet
is secure when you plug it into the battery module.

Creative I-Trigue

The I-Trigue L3500 was
easy to install as well, with the ports well-labeled, and if the plug did
not fit, it is definitely not the right hole. Again, it went smoothly without
any hitches.

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