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Coverage: WCG 2010 Asia Championship (Day 1)

WGC 2010 is upon us once again, and for three days, Singapore will play host to both the most prestigious professional gaming tournament and the best players Asia has to offer. Join us at VR-Zone as we bring you the latest coverage from the tournament itself at the Singapore EXPO, Hall 6B.

Step through the doors and you’ll be greeted by not just one, but two Samsung booths. The booth closest to the main entrance serves two purposes: showcasing their 3D TVs and mobile phones (the Samsung Wave and Galaxy S), and hosting the Xbox-based competition for Forza Motorsport 3.

The second Samsung booth is where the mobile challange takes place: competitors get to try their hand out at a smartphone port of Asphalt. The reward for victory? A fully paid trip down to Los Angeles to represent Singapore in the mobile gaming finals.

Also present at WCG 2010 is Asiasoft, and it is going to be quite impossible to miss their booth: it is located just next to Samsung’s. More importantly, they stand out simply because of the huge Mitsubishi EVO VIII gracing the front of their counter.

Oddly enough, Asiasoft is not showcasing their most popular game, MapleStory Ep 2, opting instead to focus on Raycity SEA, GetAmped SEA and Audition SEA Season 3.

Dell is also present, albeit through their gaming arm Alienware. Do not be fooled by the relatively small size of their booth though: as one of the official suppliers for WCG 2010, their presence is overwhelming, and many of the machines used by the contestants (gaming PCs and notebooks) are sponsored by them.

Garena has a booth slightly further up , and from what we have seen, is probably one of the more popular exhibits in this year’s WCG. Games that are being showcased at their booth include BlackShot, a popular FPS game, an mmo racing game called GO Kart and League of Legends, a real-time strategy game which plays similarly to Warcraft.

Fans of Japan’s cosplay and anime culture, you are in luck: SCC has a booth selling all kinds of merchandise such as keychains, plushies, replica swords and even…bolster covers. Yep, you can now take your favourite anime girl home to bed with you, for a price.

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